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Although it is not our intention to review the history of the Victorian Railways, it is impossible to produce a book on South Australian rolling-stock without referring to the Victorian Railway System.

Adelaide and Melbourne were the first State capitals to be linked by rail, the line being completed on 19th January 1887. The most significant aspect of this link was that it was of the one gauge, broad gauge, which allowed “through working” of trains, that is, one train and its rolling-stock could travel the entire distance. Rolling-stock was indeed worked through from each side of the border, saving the usual trans-shipment delays and costs associated with break of gauge stations, but not as yet with locomotives. It was not until 1982 that inter working of locomotive had started to become common practice.

With the inter working of rolling-stock and some of the fleet of rolling-stock being jointly owned by SAR and VR it became a common site to see the red wagons of the VR running through the state of South Australia. In this book we will be covering the more common of these vehicles.