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The Silverton Tramway was directly connected to the SAR narrow gauge at the SA-NSW border town of Cockburn and to the NSWGR standard gauge system at the change of gauge station at Broken Hill. The purpose of the Silverton Tramway was to provide the link between the boarder and the town of Broken Hill as the SAR was unable to run the last xx miles into Broken Hill due to the existing state restrictions. This was also why the railway was designated a tramway.

The Silverton Tramway was the final link connecting Broken Hill to the smelter at Port Pirie and allowed for the cartage of large quantities of ore from Broken Hill and all types of supplies to Broken Hill.

Apart from the locomotive fleet, the passenger fleet was leased from the SAR and one in six of the many ore trucks (approximately 600) was owned by the Silverton Tramway but built and maintained by the SAR. The locomotive fleet was maintained by the SAR at Peterbourough, or Islington if a major overhaul was required.

So much of the Silverton system has been seen regularly on the SAR system.