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The shop is closing down. Sunday the 18th of June is our last day for trading. After that we will still be supporting some exhibitions and conventions and working from home. So the best way to contact us after the 18th June is on the email address We have stopped ordering so if you have had someting on order and it hasn't come in by now, then it is not coming. As product runs out it will be discontinued.

We will continue most of the Strath Hobbies range and Rocky River range after the 18th June but from now all normal discounts have finished.

At the moment we have a 25% sale on everything except the Strath and Rocky kits.

Sn3.5 Scale News:

Strath Hobbies now have three Sn3.5 loco kits, two railcar kits and a railcar trailer kit and over twenty wagon kits available, most in stock. These are 1:64 (S) scale and because they are narrow gauge they run on normal HO/OO track. Some of these kits are on display at the shop.

The most recent wagon addition is the Hn ballast hopper and for motive power, the NB30 diesel kit. The Sn3.5 kit comes with a mech based on a Bachmann Branchline loco, and sells for $495.00.

As well as the completed kits, which all come with bogies, decals and detail items (everything except paint, glue and couplers), there are also several other kits in development which we should see soon, which include:

  • SAR DA/T/900 class diesel kit
  • SAR RB four door Insulated Van (Bogie exchanged to the narrow gauge)
  • SAR Long Tom brake van

As well as the kits we have developed a range of bogies in Sn3.5 which include fox (for the brake vans and horse box), bar frame (for some of the freight rolling stock) and both arch bar bogies with round and square axleboxes for rolling stock running in the later periods. These are available with spoke or disc wheels. Forty ton modern bogies have also been development. There is also a growing range of decals, which include versions of the 830's in SAR Mustard Pot, ANR green and gold, and Silverton red/white colours.

HO Scale News:

Future Arrivals:

All outstanding orders with Auscision, Austrains, Trainorama, Eureka and others have been cancelled. There will NOT be any new stock arriving before we close the shop.

Currently in development is the SAR  narrow gauge version of the 75 class railcar, which should be released soon. Both a narrow gauge maximum capacity railcar and car 100 will be released.These are currently undergoing test builds and should not be far away.

Recent Arrivals:

We have received the Auscision NSW NODY open wagon and variants.

We have just received the samples of the Victorian three cell concrete silo kit and the four cell silo kit. Stocks have also arrived. These are typical of the silos seen in the mallee on the road between Pineroo and Owyen and down the Dukes highway. The three cell silo kit sells for $89.95, and the four cell silo sells for $109.95.

We have in stock the Strath Hobbies SAR 520 chassis conversion kit (L21 priced at $233.00). This is the final piece of the puzzle if you are wanting to build a Rocky River SAR 520 or 523 kit.To build the Rocky River SAR 520 kit you will need:

  • The Rocky River SAR 520 kit @ $254.00 (the two versions are available)
  • The Bachmann Spectrum light (or heavy) USRA Mountain loco rtr (The donor loco), on USA ebay or at the shop $260.00
  • The Strath Hobbies chassis conversion kit, which also has brass etch, handrails, trailing truck, wire, bogies, wheels, weight, instructions, etc @ $233.00
  • A set of Rocky River decals (either preserved green, or original black) $13.00
  • Total $760.00 All items are now in stock.

We have also contracted Model Rail Design (Alan Beaumont) to build 15 of these locomotives as Ready-To-Run. The starting price is $1200.00 (DCC and/or sound is extra, for DCC add $90.00, for sound add $250.00). these are being built in 3 batches, the first five, (Non DCC) should be available around Xmas. If you have an order in for a Ready-To-Run 520 or 523+ and have NOT been contacted about loco number and details, please contact us to confirm your order. The details we need to produce these locos are loco number, original paint or as preserved, level of weathering, is DCC or Sound or plain DC required.